Feature 1

No scalpel on your breast1

Protects the breast tissue.

The combination of patented minimally invasive technology & the innovative tissue preservation technique1 eliminates the need for cutting breast tissue.

Only a concealed scar in the armpit folds1.

Feature 2

Design for true natural look & feel2

Beautiful result**.

The next generation of implants2, injectable and biocompatible. Along with the tissue preservation technique1, enables a 1 to 2 cups up1 soft and beautiful result.

Feature 3

A 15/90 minute experience with no general anesthesia*

Safe4, convenient & gentle5.

To enhance safety, the Mia® experience is designed to minimize procedure time down to 15 minutes, 90 minutes total time at a Mia® Certified Center, and without the use for general anesthesia.

Feature 4

Resume your life on the same day**

Get Back to your Life.

Smooth recovery time and easy post-procedure care6 so you are back to your daily routine the same day.

Before and After

Natural and discreet proportional results from Mia® Consumers

Is Mia® right for me?

Do you want to improve the look of your breast after ageing, breastfeeding, or changes in weight?

Would you like to have your breast developed and in harmony with your body?

Are you tired of using padded or push-up bras to get a nice & plunging neckline?

Are you looking for discreet and proportional results?


Indeed, implants used during the Mia® Experience stand out from any other on the market. With an innovative technology, those implants are made of silicone and have a diamond shape to achieve maximum projection with minimal volume. Mia® Experience allows you to harmonize your breast by increasing one to two cup sizes.

The 15 minutes refer to the skin-to-skin procedure; less time spent on the procedure means fewer associated risks. This timeframe can be achieved thanks to the minimally invasive technique, the innovation and the expertise of our top surgeons. In total, the procedure will take about a comfortable 90 minutes, and you will be in recovery with Business-class comfort.

We use local sedation, similar to what is used when a mother gives birth, ensuring a painless experience. You will not be aware of anything, and this approach reduces the risks associated with general anesthesia.

The innovation of the Mia® Experience offers unique advantages over traditional breast augmentation. With the Mia® technique, the surgeon does not use a scalpel on the breast; instead, a patented high-tech device creates a channel to the breast and inject the prosthesis, preserving the tissue.

What advantage does this have?

  • Tissues are preserved therefore the procedure is safer, less painful, and truly. minimally invasive.
  • Breast sensitivity is not altered.
  • Quick recovery.

You are a good candidate for the Mia® technique if you identify with one or more of these statements:

  • You are seeking harmonization of the breast with discreet (maximum 195 cc) and proportional results in relation to your body.
  • You are tired of using padded bras or tricks to achieve a more beautiful cleavage.
  • You feel self-conscious about the appearance of your breast due to breastfeeding, aging, or changes in your body, and you want to regain confidence.
  • You would like to have developed breast in harmony with your body.
  • You seek natural, discreet, and proportionate results.
  • You prefer a minimally invasive solution without general anesthesia and with minimal recovery time.
  • You have a busy schedule and want a quick procedure that can easily adapt to your lifestyle.
  • You need to resume your activities on the same day or the next day.

During Mia® Experience the implants are placed behind the mammary gland. Therefore, there is no direct risks links to breastfeeding after Mia® Experience. However, please remember, that the ability to breastfed depends on other factors and you should always consult your healthcare specialist.

Yes. Implants used during the Mia® Experience does not interfere with accurate breast scans conducted through mammography or breast imaging, and it does not impact the obtained results.

Furthermore, those implants feature Zen® - a new-generation technology designed for your peace of mind. No more worrying about misplaced documents! This second-generation RFID technology allows your surgeon to safely scan your implant data. Zen® is a passive device with no internal battery and generates no artifacts during MRI.

*We do not track the location of your Mia® Diamond. Traceability refers to the ability to confirm the serial number of the Mia® Diamond in case it is ever required. Only your Mia® certified Surgeon has the equipment to retrieve that information in person upon your request.

Discover the Mia® Experience

Dedicated Mia® Concierge assisting you throughout your entire journey.

Tailored plan: Your Concierge will listen and learn about your lifestyle and desires.

Women's Choice Program provides financial support in the event of the wish to reverse the procedure.

Warranty Program provides product replacement or financial support.

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