5 Winter Reads 2023: Books to Read This Winter

Feb 6, 2024 · 3 min read

5 Winter Reads to Cozy Up With

Soak up the snow with these well-being, harmony and women's empowerment reads!

Whether you're a snow lover, a mountain enthusiast, a motorhome road tripper, or a wanderlust-filled nomad, no matter your preferred type of holiday, don't miss out on these best winter must-reads! These winter books will get you ready to embark on a journey filled with countless adventures that will transport you to a world of well-being, harmony, and the unstoppable power of women. They're just perfect for the winter holiday season.

1. Bare Reality: 100 Women, their Breasts, their Stories by Laura Dodsworth

The breasts represent the essence of human nature, the act of creation and nurturing. They also represent the exquisite and empowering aspect of a woman's body. This publication encourages us to contemplate numerous compelling and personal narratives concerning women, including body perception, motherhood, nursing, sensuality, relationships, well-being and the passage of time. This extraordinary undertaking showcases the participation of 100 women, each image intertwined with an honest and a brave story.

The delicate and alluring photographs in Bare Reality provide a visually rejuvenating experience, perhaps even unexpected. However, this initiative transforms boobs into a catalyst, sparking intimate and influential dialogues about the true essence of womanhood. A must-read experience you won't want to miss! Plus, this edition showcases "No Less a Woman", the campaign dedicated to raising awareness about breast cancer, collaborated with Stella McCartney.

2. Home Body by Rupi Kapur

"I dive into the well of my body and end up in another world
everything I need
already exists in me
there's no need
to look anywhere else
– home"

Rupi Kaur is widely recognized as one of the most prominent young poets in contemporary women's literature. With her unique voice and perspective, she has become a powerful advocate for women's empowerment and has explored a wide range of topics in her works. Through her captivating poetry, Kaur explores themes of self-discovery, love, relationships, and the journey of embracing one's true self. Her writings resonate deeply with readers, especially women, as she fearlessly addresses issues such as feminism, body positivity, healing, and resilience.

Home body is a compilation of candid and introspective dialogues with the self, serving as a poignant reminder for readers to cultivate love, acceptance, community, family, and embrace transformative moments.

Her works continue to inspire and empower women, encouraging them to embrace their strength, celebrate their individuality, and strive for a more inclusive and equal society.

3. It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

"It Ends With Us" by Colleen Hoover is a must-read this winter. This emotionally captivating novel follows the journey of Lily Bloom as she navigates love, resilience, and difficult choices. With beautiful storytelling, it sparks introspection and important conversations about love and personal growth, making it a poignant and empowering read. If you're looking for a relatable and inspiring narrative, this book is a must-include in your reading list. As you turn the pages, you'll find yourself pondering the complexities of life and relationships, which adds a profound depth to the reading experience.

Colleen Hoover is a celebrated author known for her emotionally charged storytelling. Her novels, including the acclaimed "It Ends With Us", explore complex relationships and personal growth, drawing readers into the lives of relatable, multi-dimensional characters. Hoover's writing skillfully evokes a wide range of emotions, making her books a captivating and thought-provoking read for a diverse audience. Whether you seek a powerful love story or a profound exploration of life's challenges, Hoover's works deliver engaging narratives that leave a lasting impact.

4. The 5 AM Club: Own your Morning, Elevate your Life, by Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma's books have been widely translated, reaching readers in numerous languages around the globe. He's the author of the best-selling self-help book, "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari", a global phenomenon, inspiring millions to live with greater purpose, passion, and balance.

You may be thinking why on Earth would you want to read a book that suggests waking up at the crack of dawn while you're supposed to be relaxing on vacation? And the answer is that this book actually is an excellent choice for its transformative power and meaning within a balanced life. It introduces a powerful morning routine that consists of five key practices designed to enhance productivity, focus, and overall well-being and harmony.

By waking up early and dedicating time to silence, meditation, exercise, learning, reflection, and goal setting, readers learn to cultivate a balanced and purposeful life. Sharma emphasizes the importance of starting each day with intention and offers practical strategies for creating lasting habits and achieving personal growth.

A must-read journey toward a fulfilled life of true harmony. Don't miss it!

5. "Harmony" by Whitney Hanson

Discover 'Harmony' by Whitney Hanson, the TikTok sensation, in which she shares a fresh collection of poems that intimately delve into the rhythms of love, loss, grief, and the path to healing. With eloquence, Whitney guides us through the journey of grief and recovery after the loss of a loved one, all while viewing life through the prism of music.

Life's progression, much like a musical composition, starts with a simple note and unfolds into a complex melody. Along the way, we encounter loss, grief, and heartache that can temporarily silence our music. However, Whitney's poems eloquently illustrate that these pauses are integral parts of life's composition.

Divided into four sections—melody, rest, crescendo, and harmony—these poems explore childhood, friendship, acceptance, and peace. The result is a collection that celebrates the beauty of embracing life's musical variations and finding harmony amid the challenges. This read is just perfect for your winter holiday, cuddled up in a blanket and a cup of tea.

Hi there, harmony seekers bookworms! What books are you reading this winter?

Share your best winter reads with us and let's create an epic reading list together. Whether is well-being, self-help, or why not a thrilling mystery, a heartwarming romance, or a mind-bending sci-fi adventure, we want to hear about it!

*The book recommendations provided in this article are derived from general trends within the self-care and self-help book genres. It is important to note that there is no collaboration or formal agreement with any publishing house or authors in relation to these recommendations.

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