Kintsugi Art Workshop for Empowered Women:
A Journey to FemTech, Harmony and Women’s Wellbeing

Sep 30, 2023 · Tokyo, Japan · 2 min read

Kintsugi Art Workshop for Empowered Women: A Journey to FemTech, Harmony and Women’s Wellbeing

In a celebration of women's empowerment and well-being, Mia Femtech and Joe Clinic provided women with a profound Kintsugi Art Workshop, offering harmony seekers a journey of transformative healing experience. A key highlight of the event included discussions on FemTech solutions, stressing their significance as powerful tools for women's health and body-mind balance.

During the event, women dived deeper into the profound therapeutic aspects of Kintsugi, exploring its ancient techniques and philosophy. This art form doesn't simply repair broken objects; it elevates their intrinsic value and aesthetics, infusing them with added worth and beauty by highlighting their history and imperfections. This process serves as a powerful metaphor, symbolizing the embrace of one's past experiences, the appreciation of life's scars, and the restoration of harmony.

Led by Kintsugi expert, Yuki Matano, the workshop inspired attendees to find balance and celebrate their unique stories of womanhood.

During the workshop, an insightful reflection was dedicated to commemorating women’s strength and empowerment: “Repaired objects never break the same way and are never mended similarly either; just like women, we're all unique”.

FemTech Solutions for women’s breasts aesthetics

The event, hosted by the masters of ceremonies, Nanae Takasawa, centered the discussion on women’s evolving role in contemporary society and how FemTech solutions actively address women’s health needs by using the power of science, education, and technology. In line with this, Takasawa underscored the significance of Mia Femtech™ and its initiative to engage in global conversations about women’s health and well-being, empowering women to make well-informed decisions about health and aesthetics.

The event featured Dr.Joe Shigemoto, Director of Joe Clinic, who emphasized the importance of achieving body-mind balance and natural harmony in the breast aesthetics industry.

The occasion not only signified a remarkable instance but also a pivotal step into a fresh era of comprehensive breast aesthetics, with women continuing to be the focal point.

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