The Female Breast:
Myths, Realities, and Care – A Day of Exploration and Learning

Sep 27, 2023 · 3 min read

The Female Breast: Myths, Realities, and Care – A Day of Exploration and Learning
Sonsoles Carrillo, P.R. Manager of Mia Femtech and Sofía Fournier, gynecologist and writer.

In an inspiring session, a diverse group of women gathered to openly discuss the female breast and the changes it undergoes throughout life, emphasizing the taboos surrounding it and the main myths affecting women who opt for breast harmonization.

The Juno House event, moderated by Sonsoles Carrillo, P.R. Manager of Mia Femtech, featured participation by Dr. Sofia Fournier, a gynecologist and writer. With her extensive experience and approachability, Fournier engaged the participants in an enriching conversation of exploration and learning.

Carrillo introduced the session by highlighting how Femtech solutions are contributing to improving the quality of women's lives by providing access to information, education, and technology related to Women's Health, including breast health.

Breasts Over Time

Fournier, author of the book "I'm Going to Be a Mom! Now What?" and creator of the award-winning blog "Una Mami que se Mima" (A Mom Who Pampers Herself), joined the conversation to discuss the changes that the breast undergoes, starting in adolescence when the innate quality of collagen allows for firm breasts. However, as women enter the cycle of motherhood and post-lactation, they face a unique relationship not only with their breasts but with their entire bodies: "Women can feel more insecure about their bodies, with empty or sagging breasts, or an excess of loose skin and flabbiness," she commented.

In the same vein, Fournier also detailed the physical changes that women experience during perimenopause, emphasizing the importance of preparing both physically and mentally to face a series of transformations in the healthiest way possible: "During menopause, we lose collagen, which can lead to increased adipose tissue, and also the risk of our breasts sagging, so transitioning for this period is essential and includes supplementing correctly, staying hydrated, and maintaining our muscle mass through exercise," she explained. She also emphasized the importance of self-care, which is "the foundation of everything."

Misconceptions About Breasts

Debunking myths about the breast were discussed, specifically the inability to breastfeed or undergo a mammogram for women who have had breast harmonization. Also addressed were the prejudices and the lack of respect for women's decisions regarding health, beauty, and aesthetics. From this perspective, Carrillo stated that "It is important to respect ourselves and respect our decisions because each woman carries her own story, and beyond heeding all opinions, what matters is seeking quality information that enlightens us and provides the best options for our health and beauty."

Likewise, the talk touched on how aesthetics is entering a new era in which technology, a focus on naturalness, and minimally invasive procedures are strengthening and addressing the needs of today's women, who lead active lives in a hectic world.

The Juno Private Session proved to be an enriching space for sharing knowledge and promoting women's health and holistic care. Juno Sessions take place on the last Wednesday of each month.

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