Breaking Taboos:
An Open Conversation About Breast Care & Beauty

Oct 18, 2023 · 4 min read

Breaking Taboos: An Open Conversation About Breast Care & Beauty
Teresa de la Cierva, Marimer Pérez, Crys Dyaz, and Sonsoles Carrillo.

Women's health is undergoing a transformation that values a multidisciplinary approach, encompassing such aspects as physical and mental well-being, self-care, sports, and beauty. Sonsoles Carrillo, Marimer Pérez, Teresa de la Cierva, and Crys Dyaz engaged in an open discussion about breast care during the different stages of life, promoting an honest dialogue that empowers women to make informed decisions regarding their holistic health.

"We are here to talk about breasts," said Teresa de la Cierva in a straightforward and emphatic manner, as she began the roundtable discussion at Allura Multiespacio Beauty & Wellness.

The prominent journalist and event moderator revealed that only 3 out of 10 women in Spain feel satisfied with their breasts, and 80% resort to compensatory measures, such as padded bras and push-ups, according to a study by Response AI in Europe and Japan.1 "We are here to restore confidence and dignity to our breasts, to shed fear, and break taboos. Some people are even embarrassed to say the word 'breast'," she emphasized.

Crys Dyaz, a former elite athlete, swimmer, and current coach, stressed the importance of breasts in relation to posture, as they are often hidden due to shame or insecurity. "Women tend to hunch over, concealing their breasts and retracting inward. Moreover, these changes can have a negative impact on our posture," she pointed out. To strengthen both our bodies and our breasts, she recommends working on shoulder mobility and performing strengthening exercises to increase muscle mass and prevent future issues.

Enhancing Life Quality Through Expanded Access to Information

Prominent gynecologist Marimer Perez agreed that "there are still many prejudices among us." De la Cierva added that "we need to shed that fear of what others might say." Díaz, on the other hand, suggested that "it is ideal for women to have options and choose what is most suitable for their health and beauty." In line with this, Sonsoles Carrillo, P.R. Manager of Mia Femtech, highlighted the technological, innovative, and beauty advancements provided by FemTech solutions, which play an essential role in enhancing the health and quality of life for women. She specifically emphasized the importance of access to quality information that provides women with choices. "From the Women's Health Hub, we work globally, utilizing data and studies to understand women's needs and offer them the best alternatives for health and beauty," she said. She also emphasized "self-respect," acknowledging that every woman has a unique story, and we should all promote autonomy, self-care, and the strengthening of women's self-confidence and self-esteem.

Health: A New Multidisciplinary Approach

During the event, Pérez discussed the changes that breasts undergo in different life stages and how health is evolving toward a more comprehensive approach, encompassing various disciplines that consider health from a more holistic perspective. Pérez acknowledged that "breasts change, especially after breastfeeding when they tend to lose volume." Additionally, she noted that during menopause, "you begin to notice that they may sag or increase by two to three cup sizes due to fat redistribution in the body."

Dyaz, who has dedicated several years to training members of the Spanish national swimming team, emphasized the role of sports in regaining health and confidence. She stressed the importance of working on shoulders with chest openers, pectoral exercises, and rowing, plus "not forgetting the upper body to prevent back pain." She argued that exercise also "provides us with the power and strength to boost our self-esteem and improve our interactions with others."

The event marked a milestone by paving the way for a more open and honest dialogue about breasts, encouraging us to confront taboos and embrace self-care and diversity in an ever-evolving world.


  1. Response AI Market Study in Europe + Japan, November 2022, with 937 respondents from the target audience: Women aged 25 to 54 with high income in all cup sizes.
  2. Testimonials, statements, and opinions made by interviewees are personal, applicable to each individual, and are not endorsed by any spokesperson of Establishment Labs®.

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