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Marta Carrillo, Mia® Concierge at Planas Clinic, Spain:
"Breast Harmonization Experience is an extraordinary discovery, and I believe an impressive future awaits women with Mia®"
Interview with Ana Belén Medialdea, psychologist:
Five stations to heal and rebuild self-esteem
Interview with Dr. Sofía Fournier:
Women's Health, a New Multidisciplinary and Holistic Approach
Elle talk, Roundtable on Women's Health, Balance, and Well-being:
Innovation and Technology: Women Facing the Mirror
Body and Mind Connection:
Learn How to Cultivate it
Paola Cóser, mindful nutritionist:
Learn How to Nourish your Body, Mind and Spirit
Harmony Seekers:
The Archetype You Didn’t Know You Were a Part Of
Seeking Harmony:
Why Do We Look for Harmony in Our Life?
Why solo travel for women is the greatest way to travel:
5 Well-being Tips for Finding your Zen on the Road!
Small Boobs:
Why you should Embrace Your Small Breasts
How to Prepare for Your First Mia® Appointment:
7 Tips to Get Ready for your Breast Harmonization Journey!
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My Breast Harmony