Mia® a Revolutionary Procedure: Say Goodbye to Taboos and Hello to Open Conversations

15 maj 2023 · 3 min läsning

Mia® a Revolutionary Procedure: Say Goodbye to Taboos and Hello to Open Conversations

It goes without saying that women’s bodies are skin roadmaps under constant change. As time passes by, we experience multiple transformations, and our breasts don’t look and feel the same as in our early youth. The lost-on breast volume or breastfeeding are some typical examples. Similarly, some of us believe that our breasts are not well-developed, and we want a quick and subtle change according to our busy lifestyle. It may be 1 or 2 cup sizes up, getting rid of those push-ups and padded bras. Or far worse, all the tedious and utter confusion among straps, no straps, underwire, no wire or hooks. It’s all a bit too much!

No matter which transformation you’re experiencing, the starting point is to reflect on the way we feel. Do we feel guilty for not liking our breasts? Do we feel superficial or insecure? Why are we unable to talk about breast health and aesthetics in a normal way? Surely, we shouldn’t feel bad for feeling or for wanting our breasts to look a certain way or even restored. Our bodies are our decision, and we should speak freely about our breast issues. Why? Quite simple: because we’re free women and mainly because we’re human beings.

Some of us are tired of compensatory behaviors and trade-offs regarding our disconformity with breasts, balance, and shape. We can agree that these methods may partially help, but they don’t address the crux of the matter. So, what can we do to help you feel better?

Firstly, we want women to speak freely about breast health and aesthetics, to choose what is best for their body and mind, and to know how Mia Femtech solutions can contribute to making this journey more comfortable and enjoyable. Having said that, your right to decide or not decide is always on you.

Secondly, Mia® combines breakthrough technology respecting your body and busy lifestyle for a natural look and feel1. We aim at proportion, balance, and breast harmonization, so you can feel fabulous just the way you are. In particular, we shape your breast in 15 minutes2* for 1 to 2 cups sizes up, with a minimally invasive technology2 and no general anesthesia3, so you can get on with your busy life the same day**. Do you want to know more about it?

And now, a quick but more in-depth look. Meet Mia® in a few steps!

Vad du kan förvänta dig av Mia®-upplevelsen


En dedikerad Mia® Concierge hjälper dig under hela din resa


Skräddarsydd plan: Din guide lyssnar och lära sig om din livsstil och dina önskemål


Utförs endast av Mia®-certifierade plastikkirurger


Mia®-certifierad klinik för den bästa exklusiva upplevelsen


Äkthetscertifiering genom ett unikt Mia® NFT och ett omfattande garantiprogram

Vad du kan förvänta dig av Mia®-ingreppet


Bröstharmonisering för en till två kupor uppåt med naturligt och diskret proportionellt resultat1


Återgå till vardagen samma dag som ingreppet**


Exklusivt högteknologiskt system för ett patenterat minimalinvasivt ingrepp1


Ett 15-minuters ingrepp1* utan narkos2


En teknik för att bevara bröstvävnad med små, dolda ärr1

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* Results may vary from consumer to consumer

** Exercise is not recommended during the recovery period, and always follow your doctor’s advice.

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