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We believe in making informed decisions about your breast health through safe solutions that can enhance your body and mind with confidence and satisfaction.

Women of My Breast Harmony

The female body is glorious, infinite, and biologically powerful; however, it has been stigmatized and misunderstood throughout history. Many changes will occur to women’s bodies throughout their lifetime due to weight, aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding1, and even lifestyle decisions. In some cases, the way their breasts evolve leaves them wishing they could do something to be in harmony with their bodies.

Women have the right to express how they feel about their bodies, whatever that may be, without guilt, regret, or discrimination. Having said that, due to experience or perception, there is the fear of being judged as superficial or ungrateful when expressing discomfort. In turn, possible rejection or questioning by society may prevent women from considering breast shaping and body harmonization. As a result, many women end up going through life feeling unnecessarily unfulfilled about their bodies. Is that healthy?

Our idea of healthy includes the right to feel confident in body and mind. We want women to make breast health choices for themselves with total empowerment.

Vivian Enjoying My Breast Harmony

A movement to empower your body and mind


Only 4% of global medical research is dedicated to women’s health2.


Similarly, 76%3 of us feel dissatisfied with our body shape.


And 54%3 of us are continuously trying to achieve our own vision of our bodies.

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The movement motto

My Breast Harmony encourages women to take control over the health and beauty of their breasts and life. Together, we will support you and give you key information to help you make informed decisions about your body.

To help us achieve this, the movement is committed to providing you with accurate and up-to-date information about breast health and aesthetics. In addition, we want to promote that you are well-informed by understanding the risks and benefits of different procedures and learning about new technologies and products that can enhance your body and mind.

Fortunately, My Breast Harmony does not end there. It continuously develops new understandings and in-depth knowledge of women taking into account multiple points of view from a broader perspective. Its reach goes way beyond the physical and mental aspects of women’s health to encompass the possible social, lifestyle, well-being, and even biological needs of a woman.

Women Using My Breast Harmony

This movement truly cares about how you feel and encourages you to speak from the four corners of the Earth, no matter your age, race, background, or mindset.

Together, we want to grow the movement firmly with solid roots. We will deliver knowledge and safe solutions on all continents by embracing the power of breakthrough technology in breast health and aesthetics. With this effort, we wish to empower you to speak freely and choose what is best for your body and mind.

Your best choice is an informed decision that makes you feel happy and satisfied.

Women of My Breast Harmony
My Breast Harmony

Our main principles


The choice is entirely up to you.


You have the power to make your own well-informed decisions.


You are entitled to your feelings at any given time.


You have the right to live healthy and confidently with your body and mind.


You can speak out freely about breast health and aesthetics. Yes, you can!


Happiness belongs to you.

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  1. Establishment Labs®. Data on file. CLINR-001018.

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